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I joined this forum because I needed somewhere to go that people might understand. My dachshund, Rowan, came to us when she was 3 months old with no shots. I got one set done, but several things came up between the time we got her first shots to the day she passed away. My toddler had to have surgery. My dad got sick. I couldn't get off work. Basically life got in the way. Rowan and I took daily walks. She was the reason I was able to get up and go jogging every morning. Since May 12, when she passed away, I haven't been able to force myself to go jogging. She was my jogging buddy and it doesn't feel right.
When she got sick on Mother's Day, we tried to get her into the vet several times. The vet couldn't see her because she was moving her vet office to Natchez across the bridge from us. I didn't know that the Humane Society had a vet and the other vet here passed away a couple months ago. Because of the flood waters from the Mississippi River, I was unable to get her to a vet. We feared the worst because she was throwing up foam and having horrible diarrhea. Through this time, we kept her hydrated and I fed her what I could through a medicine syringe. We thought it was either Parvo or Distemper, and the vet wouldn't let us go in when she got moved in case it was because they had no way to quarantine her.
May 11, I woke up to her gagging again. We tried everything we could, but finally we had to take her outside and let her be in the fresh air until she passed away sometime around 4 in the morning. It completely broke our hearts to find out that she didn't make it.
Recent events have come to light in this situation, and as it turns out 2 other dachshunds in our neighborhood passed away around the same time as her. One of them made it to the vet, as the owner drove all the way to Baton Rouge, 2 and a half hours away, just to have the dog die anyway. The vet there found poison in the dogs stomach. I don't know why or how the person responsible did this, but 3 sweet, caring dogs in my neighborhood died. Mine, in particular, was more like a member of my family than anything else. I miss her so much, and even though it's been 4 days, it still hurts like hell that she's gone.
Sorry for the long post. Especially for an introduction. If this needs to be moved, I completely understand.
Hi and welcome to the forum xxx

I am so sorry for your loss, I dont have any words of comfort for you that will make the pain better but at least he isnt suffering any longer Ruth x

There may be a common factor to the deaths , do you all use the same wooded area for jogging , walking the dogs etc there may be a fungus that is poisoning the animals in the area, maybe if you are up to it have a chat with the other dog owners and see if they all frequent the same area, its just an idea of what it could be xxx

much love and hugs Ruth xxx
Welcome to the forum, but such a sad story. I'm very sorry for your loss, and I really hope you find the reason behind her death, and the death of the other 2 dogs.