Hi from Massachusetts


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Hi my name is Lisa and I am from Massachusetts. I am new to this site but not two dachshunds. I have an 11 year old red smooth dachshund named Sadie lou and an 11 year old dappled girl named daisy. I also have a 3 year old rescue chihuahua named Lola. My family is very excited we are getting a third black 4 month old daschund we are going to name him Linus. I look forward to hearing all the funny stories about everyone's doxies.


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Welcome to the forum! That's an awesome pack of Dachshunds! I only have 2, though I have 3 other "breeds read mutts" LOL


Welcome, Doxielove! Sounds like potato chips - you can't have just one! We're looking forward to seeing some pics of your pack! Oh, and my daughter lives in Milton, Massachusetts..
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