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My 6 month old doxie swallowed a little piece of eraser that one of my sons dropped by accident is was about the size of a black bean...please help!!!!
When PD ate a sego palm seed and started vomiting years ago, I called:

ASPCA | Animal Poison Control Center

they were very helpful, although I had to pay a fee, their advice to get him to a vet hospital saved his life for the first time.

It was after hours and our vet didn't take after hours calls.

That said, I suspect that a piece of rubber the size of a bean will do the same thing gum does when swallowed by a young child:

find its way out the other end.

It would be worth it, however to either call the aspca, of google emergency vet care, and call one of the vets who now offer those services in your area.

Let us know what they say.


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Eh, mine has swallowed worse. I would just keep a close eye on him.

If he appears to be in any discomfort, or if his stomach gets swollen and hard, take him in to the emergency vet.


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Well he seemed uncomfortable for a little while yesterday then got back to normal after about half an hour, hes been normal ever since although he didn't poo yet. I guess I'll have to wait and see
A couple of years after he Sego Palm incident, he ate a peach pit.

We were staying in an RV park outside of Chicago, and he started throwing up. When he didn't get any better, we found a vet that was only open all night (divine intervention?). We had no idea what was wrong with him.

The vet X-rayed him, and couldn't find anything. She gave him a shot to stop the vomiting.

The next morning he started vomiting again, and out came the peach pit! The X-ray didn't pick it up because it was the same density as PD. I don't imagine the eraser would be picked up in an X-Ray, either. So any surgery would have to be exploratory, and really scary.

The peach pit was much larger than your erasor, and was eventually expelled. The erasor should not be toxic, and as I mentioned above, should pass through without complications. He's not showing signs of discomfort, which is good, and he's not vomiting, which is also good.

In the mean time, it sounds like you have the fun job of digging through his droppings.