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Hello everyone, as you can see I am a first time poster on this forum. I am not the owner of a dachshund, but my girlfriend is, and we are both in need of some helpful advice when it comes to training him.

Porkchop is his name, and he is a sweetheart. However, he has some behavioral problems that have been persisting for over a year now. I moved in with the girlfriend about 4 months ago, and have been trying to correct Porkchops behavior problems with mixed success.

One of his big problems is that he will grab objects, like hairbrushes, paper towels, glasses, run under a bed with them, and gnaw on them. There have been several instances in the past where I had tried to reach under the bed and take the object which he had stolen, and Porkchop aggressively lashed out, biting hard enough to draw blood. In response to this problem, I have tried to work with him so that when he does take something under the bed, I lure him out with a treat, and give him lots of praise and love when he leaves the area under the bed. I am at the point now where, if he does take something under the bed, I can call to him and he will come to me and be rewarded with praise and a rubdown (he loves getting massaged at the top of his neck! :D)

However, his desire to grab objects and take them under the bed still persists, and I would very much like to find a solution to the problem. I do my very best to make sure there is nothing within his reach, but for his health, I want to make sure he doesnt have the urge to chew on objects he isnt supposed to. We had quite a scare a few months ago when my girlfriend left a closed bottle of Ibuprofin out within his reach. After a trip to the animal hospital, we found that he had thankfully avoided ingesting any of the medicine, but they had found small shards of plastic in his bowel, and I want to avoid any health risks that could be caused by swallowing bits of plastic like this, at the very least.

If anyone has any advice on how to rectify this problem, please let me know. Thank you!


Hi and welcome from the UK!

You don't say how old Porkchop is? My Dachshund Connie is also a chewer so I try to make sure she always has things around she IS allowed to chew. Kongs are great and you can stuff them with something different every day to hold their interest, they will keep them busy for ages. Chewing can also be a boredom thing and as dachshunds are very clever they need to be kept busy.

I am presuming Porkchops gets lots of walks, games with the ball etc, another good game is to hide tiny bits of cheese or other treats and teach him to "hunt" for them, all these will help. The biting to the point of drawing blood is definitely NOT acceptable but it sounds as though you have made a good start with getting him to come to call. The "swap" idea is a good one as he needs to learn to give things up when you ask for them. If he allows your girl friend to retrieve items without any aggression then I would suggest you become the main food giver for a few weeks as this will also help to establish your assertiveness.

Just another idea but as he seems to think underneath the bed is HIS domain have you thought of keeping the bedroom out of bounds during the day by keeping the bedroom door shut so he can't sneak in there. If you can't shut the bedroom door you could always use a stair gate in the doorway.

I am sure you will work it out, dachshunds are great dogs full of fun and mischief.


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Hi and Welcome!
The only reply I ever have when dachshunds are getting into mischief is to give them more exercise, and hopefully something that will engage their mind as well.

1) You can put some of their breakfast kibble into a treat ball and have him roll the ball around the place. Just put a few at a time, and reload. Keep him busy for 1/2 an hour on his portion without giving him extra calories.

2) In the winter when mine can't be outside, we hide their ball. Put them behind a door, hide the ball, and release. Repeat for 1/2 hour. Excellent game for a hunting breed. Here is a 14 sec video of me opening the door to release the hounds. When this was taken, Beau was 10 and Engli was 12.5. They are aging beautifully with daily exercise, and I'm so very happy about that!
[ame=""]Hide the ball - YouTube[/ame]

3) Mine will chase a ball and even a beach ball. This is a nice weather outside game. Again, the 2 oldest here are 13.5 and 11...

4) When going for a walk, it's really too slow to be of any good exercise, for mine anyway. I take one of these things and toss it ahead and they chase and catch it. It really picks up the pace for a walk, instead of stopping and sniffing and not really burning any calories.

He will do better as seeing you as the boss if you make him sit nice before he gets fed. Also, on walks, the lead dog goes first, so he must always let you through the door first, after he sits and waits for your decision to go through the door. He must not lead on the walk but walk beside you. These little tricks establish you as the boss dog, and boss dog has control over all food and toys. Hope these suggestions work for you.

Please post some pics when you can, kay? Nice that you are here.