Help needed (1 year old min dachshund)


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Hi I am a new member and I am from the UK. I have a red miniature dachshund called Archie, he is 1 years old and he lives with me my Wife and my two young boys, we love Archie to bits.
We have a good routine with him, he sleeps in his crate when we are in bed, however he does wake up around 4:30am then we let him out to do his business. When he has done his business we give him a treat and then then he runs up stairs into our bed and stays there until we wake at around 6:30am. He gets a nice walk in the woods and he spends a lot of time chasing my two sons around the house, he gets plenty of attention.

All is good apart from two things:

1/ Archie will still wee or poo in house now and then. Archie will go out in the garden to wee or poo most of the time and we give him a treat and reward him when he is done, but he still wee or poo in the house. Archie does not give us any sign that he wants to go, we just have to guess like after he has eaten or drank, first thing in the morning and just before bed. or when he is sniffing around the house. I just wish he give us a sign and give us confidence that we don't to watch him every 5 seconds. We know that he knows what he got to do, is it an attention seeking thing? Any Idea's?

2/ when he is greeted by me or anybody else he will do a little wee like he thinks its a reward for us or something. We have a routine where we tell people do not stroke him or make fuss with him until he calms down or go straight into the garden then make fuss with him. Any ideas on this? will he always do this for the rest of his life?

Many Thanks in advance :)


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Can't think of anything about your potty problem.Dachshunds are hard to housebreak,it may take longer. But he should stop doing it at one point.I had that problem too,around 2 years they stopped.
And yes,let him calm down a bit or take him out in the garden before you greet him.He is just too excited and can't hold it. This also should stop when he ages a little.


Maybe Archie is telling you he needs to go out to do business and you don't speak dog? We tried everything I can think of to get our Libby to tell us if she needed a trip outdoors, bell hanging on the inside of the door, squeaker square, etc., but apparently she was telling us and I wasn't getting the message. She would come running briskly toward me and act as if she hadn't seen me in forever, telling me she loved me and even kissing my ankles. At the time I thought she was an especially affectionate dog, but during one of these loving episodes, I asked her if she wanted to go out. She raced to the door and I figured out that this was her way of telling me she had to go out NOW. I suspect if you observe Archie and see if he does specific mannerisms that do not seem to fit the current situation, he may be telling you that he needs to go out.


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That is a good point thank you for your reply, I will start watching everything he does and see if we notice a slight change in his behaviour that could be his way of telling us :)


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doxies are a stubborn breed,I am having the same issue with my 1 year old Buster,he will go outside but we also have a puppy pad in the corner of the kitchen just in case,he does follow our older one outside but all he wants to do is play when she is out there with him,our older one was between 2-3 years old before she stopped going inside