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Help! Found out today 4 yr old dachshund has arthritis


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Oct 27, 2011
Bella, Alleyah
Hi everyone! Took bella to the vet today to have her teeth cleaned and while she was sedated, then when she was awake they examined her back right leg which she has been limping on and off of for about 2 months. I also emailed them a video which they watched of her limping since she normally won't do it when she is there (of course).

After examining, they informed me that it seems as if she had an injury from possibly a while back that was similar to a torn acl in her knee. She never limped until two months ago and has never seemed to be in pain.
Result from injury: arthritis starting to build up in her knee which explains why long walks bring on the limping and her limping for a few minutes after she has been resting.
They prescribed 10 days of anti-inflammatory medication along with recommending glucosamine daily.
They will examine her again in 10 days and if not better they may do blood work since she has never had it done other than heartworm checks before they can give her a second dose of anti-inflammatory.

My head is spinning and I'm upset because she seems so young.

Anyone else have experience with this and just wondering how long a dachshund (one thats just turned 4) can live a good life. When/if the time comes I doubt I will be able to do knee surgery. :( But right now she seems happy and still is constantly running around and trying to play. Just wanting some more information since she is so young for arthritis (at least to me).

I don't have any advice, but just wanted to send you good thoughts.
Generally, small dogs are able to keep up the offending back leg easily enough, that they're not in too much pain. Mouse is missing half a foot, so she hops around on 3 legs alot.

One thing you might want to try is hydrotherapy. there's alot of tanks popping up for rehabbing dogs. We dont have one here, so Mouse swims in my bathtub every couple of days, as otherwise she loses muscle mass in her bad leg. I just lure her back and forth and get her to do spins both ways. She seems to enjoy it (well she enjoys the food! LOL)