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Hello from South Africa


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Feb 7, 2012
Hi there everyone,

My name is Bernice and I'm the mamma of 2 beautiful dogs, but unfortunately we have had some bad luck now.
My puppy of only 6 months was put on crate rest the day before yesterday. We aren't sure how, but she hurt her back and is in a lot of pain. Because she is still so young, the vet and we are a bit reluctant to do surgery just yet.
I'm looking for some moral support and to chat to folks that have gone through this.
Welcome! Sorry it's under such bad circumstances.

Bad backs is something we all worry about. What treatments is your puppy on, other than bed rest? Do you have a Canine Accupuncturist anywhere near you? It can help. I'm crossing my fingers for a full recovery.
She is on Previcox and a muscle relaxer. Its so hard to see her cry and even worse when she yelps trying to move :( I've never heard of a Canine Accupuncturist, but i will look into it now, thanks :)
Don't take her out the crate.You will have to listen to her cry and beg for you to take her out but don't.Most young back problems will go away on it's own with med's and cage rest in a few weeks.Don't pick her up and hold her for that will only make the problems worst.Watch her close for lost of bladder control and lost of movement in her back legs.Weird the vet did not put him on a steriod.Wish you luck,hopefully in a few weeks she will be back to normal.
It's heartbreaking to hear about this pup in pain. They don't understand... So I dread an episode like this for our Milo. We built a carpeted ramp for access to the sofa but that is just a small part of the gymnastics. The bed is even higher. How many ramps to we need? He hops up on chairs and I see him in the yard climbing low rock walls and jumping to bite leaves off of bushes. He jumps to see what's on dressers and kitchen counters. I try to lift him down from high places. Anything else we should do? It's too late to pick his genetics which is an unknown.