Harness for dummies=me


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Well since Muñeca is kind of a puller, i got her a petco vest harness.Im new to harness, so i hope i got it right. It looks like it fits and i followed the instructions, i yet have to test it with her in the neighboorhood.Although i feel like returning it and get a better one. I know there was already a thread about this, but whats some of guys fav, harness?or thoughts abou petco?i feel like i should have it gotten it at my local petsore as it was my first choice. I have a petpals card but i dont see a big difference when it comes saving a buck or two.

Re: Harness for dummies

Hi, I'm Nola. I'm not a fan of petco AT ALL. My mom had a really hard time finding a harness that worked for my pulling but was easy on my back. The only one that really worked was Puppia. If you get one, measure around your head instead of your neck!!!!!
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