Harley the Dachshund grows up (video)


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It's tough to find a dog of any kind, much less another Dachshund, who is as cute as Harley.Harley is just irrepressible. His owner says he was born Dec.15, 2008. And Harley is quoted on his site as saying, "I am a smooth red tweenie (small standard) Dachshund who was supposed to be under 6 pounds as an adult. I have a cool looking mohawk & on the back of my neck which makes me look like a biker dude. Daddy rides a Harley motorcycle and that';s how I got my name! My favorite activities are eating; sleeping; chasing squirrels in the park; performing tricks for treats;...

[ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4eGb0H-PChc&feature=player_embedded"]YouTube - Harley grows up[/ame]