Frequent Gastroenteritis


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Does anyone else's Dachshund frequently experience the symptoms of gastroenteritis? Ex: vomiting slime and bloody/jelly like poops?

This happens to my girl randomly, sometimes as often as twice a month. I took her to the vet the last time and they ran lots of tests and gave her flagyl antibiotics... she got better that same day but then the same thing happened a couple of weeks later.

It usually only lasts a day or two where she refuses food, throws up in the morning and then through the night has the bloody jellyfish poop, and then the next day shes good.

Her brand of dog food is Royal Canine Gastrointestinal moderate calorie... I don't suppose this could be giving her an oversensitive intestinal tract?

Part of me thinks she may be eating parts of her toys but i dont know, it doesn't seem realistic to be happening that often....

Any information on this would be much appreciated... i seem to get farther by talking to other dachshund owners than from the Vet.


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I've got seven doxies, three with special needs and I've consulted several vets and nutritionists over the past 7 years. Two of my doxies have had similar issues in the past.

In my experience, Royal Canine works best when used to correct short-term conditions. I would recommend switching to another food/brand for long-term (even though your vet likely recommended the food). Try a premium brand, or, if you can afford it, try raw. Do you add digestive enzymes to your dogs food? I'm hesitant to recommend a brand because each dog is so unique and I don't know what your level of knowledge is regarding pet nutrition, but several years ago Dr. Becker put out a short video regarding the spectrum of food available to dog owners. A few things have changed since then, but the video is still great. Here's the link:

Pet Health Videos | Grooming, Training Videos -

The condition may also be environmental, or something your dog is eating from the ground without your knowledge. One of my dogs had gastro-flare-ups once to twice a year. We found that she was eating dead flowers from the deck - and it was the flower that would trigger the flare-ups.

Finally, if the condition doesn't clear up quick, I'd see a vet. In fact, if and when I find blood in the stool of one of my dogs, I'd see a vet ASAP.


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@Samm2190 - did you take a sample of your girl's poo to be tested? Especially for Giardiasis? The regularity of this vomiting and "jellyfish" mucus poo could be from the protozoan parasite giardia. Dogs develop the infection by ingesting infectious offspring (cysts) that are shed in another animal's faeces. This can be from direct or indirect contact with the infected cysts, which when ingested, make their way into the intestine causing the problems, although not all dogs show any symptoms.

So there may be giardia in your yard or whever you take your dogs, with one being affected and yet the other one not.