Food, food & more food


Has anyone ever tried refilling the bowl over and over again until their dachshund stopped eating? lol.

My six month old constantly scavenges for food. Believe me she is very, very well fed, but we only have to leave the house and the pavements are licked clean!

Chewing gum, fag butts you name it. I think she is on a one woman mission to clean the streets. She is constantly chewing and has to have something in her mouth all the time, bits of wood, twigs, stones, anything she can get hold of. She gets the usual things like chews etc. but her favourite treat is digging up and eating worms.......will this ever stop?? lol


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Nope! Mouse is nearly as bad... except she doeant always eat twigs and such lol. She's ALWAYS looking for food!

And we've had an accident where the cat opened the food cupboard. .. Mouse ate until she looked like she was full term with 15 puppies... I got home when she was still trying to eat. I tried to get her to puke... she was NOT giving it up... then finally, about 4hours later she did puke as her tummy just couldn't handle all that food expanding in it. Looked like about three cups of food expelled... and she tried to eat it again. then she had the most giant poop the next day lol. mouse would likely look like Obie when he was rescued if she had free access to food! Lol


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That is funny about the worms, my dog does the same thing. I was wondering if it just mine, but I guess not. I'm amazed at how she can sniff those things out.