Elevated Liver Enzyme Count?


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Hi friends, I'm new here.

My Zoe has been sick - appetite comes and goes, a little vomiting, and she is super lethargic. We got a blood test done and the vet says her liver enzyme count is high, which could mean a lot of things. Naturally, I'm pretty worried. We will do an ultrasound tomorrow and hopefully get some more answers, but I wanted to come here and see if anyone has experienced this with your dachshund. Any comments would be appreciated, thanks!


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I'm sorry Zoe has you worried. I don't know alot about that... I'm currently researching epilepsy as mine seems to have developed it these dogs of ours give us such heartache and worry... but they're worth every moment of it!


Hi and welcome from the UK.

So sorry to hear Zoe is unwell, I have no experience of this but wish you both luck and hope she gets better soon. Please keep us updated as it would be good to hear how she gets on.


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I am no help with your situation. How old is your pup? Has she been taking any kind of medicine lately? I hope they find the problem and it is a simple fix. Sending good thoughts your way!!!


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I have dealt with a similar issue with my girl Baby. Although her liver enzymes were never tested, she was lethargic and vomiting for a while. Her appetite would come and go. It is a really touch and go situation. One day Baby would be okay, the next she would barely eat and drink excessive amounts of water. Her's progressed further though to where I almost lost her. They will probably give Zoe a round of antibiotics. The antibiotics more than likely will work. But if Zoe is on any medications, it can contribute to liver working too hard. I'm not an expert on this and it's a personal opinion but once in a while I give Baby half of a regular pepcid which seems to help her when her issues act up. Ask your vet about it. Some dachshunds have issue digesting certain enzymes because their bodies cannot handle it. Same with certain shots. My thoughts are with you.

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Pancreatitis can cause elevated liver enzymes, at least in humans. I know others on this forum have experience with pancreas issues. Keep in touch with your vet.