Dogs and Bikes...


Hi everyone!
Well I have a 3 year old Dachsund, and as you all know, they don't really last all that long on dogwalks. Toby's supr fit, but we can only do 45 - 1 hr tops! Anyone have any advise on putting a basket on a bike, and putting them in there? Is this pretty common? I worry that he would jump out.
I don't really see too many people with dogs in baskets in Calgary!

Any advise would help :)
I have never done the bike basket thing but Oscar goes for rides in our Kayak. He has a life jacket that has a suit case handle on the back and when he wants to get into the water I hold him by the handle and get a free ride as he acts as my little outboard motor. :)
We're not in Calgary (Red Deer) but here ya go!




Mouse cant do sun well, it hurts her eyes, so hence the doggles. she also has to wear sunscreen
Mouse looks adorable!

You might have good luck with a bike trailer too, you can sometimes find them used, they also make them special for dogs too
Where did you get those doggles? They are sweet. I want a pair for otis for this winter when he rides the snow mobile with me (dont worry when he is on I go super slow, I could probley walk faster then what were going). He loves the snow mobile, and the 3 wheeler up to my brothers. I think he would look cute. And also I saw a older lady riding one of those mobility scooters with a basket and a doxie in it. So it would probley work on a bike.
You can get the plain Doggles at Petsmart, but I had these ones ordered especially for Mouse from Global Pet Foods (a Canadian Chain) You can likely order them on the internet directly from the people that make Doggles