Doggy training bells???

I am wondering how many people use the doggie training bells, for there puppy kids to go potty? I am the mom of a 6 year old and a 9 month old both mini dachshunds. I am wondering how well they work, and since I both are potty trained already, will it confuse them if I want to add this to our habits? Thanks to all ahead of time.
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I haven't used them, but I assume it would be the same as clicker training. That the would get used to the sound..good luck :)
I taught my boy Oliver to ring bells to go outside, I'm thinking that's what you mean. I had already taught Oliver to "touch" objects with his paw, so overtime we went outside, I asked him to touch the bells (hanging on the door handle), and the second he did, I opened the door and out we went... it took him less than 2 days before he was ringing the bells consistently.... and less than 2 weeks before I too them away as he would ring the bells overtime he was bored or his friends were outside... LOL so no more bells for us!
I have a piece of string hanging from the door handle with a bell at nose height. I started putting a little food smeared on the bell, as soon as he touched it the door was opened. After a few sessions he got the hang of it. Next as soon as he touched the bell without food on it, he was given a treat and the door was opened. He soon picked it up , clever dogs are our Daxis :)

Even now a year on everytime he asks to go out and does his business he gets a small treat on the way IN. Thankfully he is finally house trained now he has got used to the bell :D
We are introducing bells right now. We hung a bell on the door we take Yosuke out to go potty approximately nose height for him. (He is 7 months old by the way.) We are also teaching the "touch" command. I say "Yosuke, TOUCH!" when he touches the bells to go outside, he gets a Cherrio (our preferred training treat). He's picked it up pretty quickly that going outside means touching the bells - but only for potty time. We do not use the bells when we just go outside. We use a completely different door to take him on walks so he associates one with potty and the other with walks.

To teach the "Touch" command - I sit down on the floor with Yosuke. I hold out my hand palm facing him a couple inches from his nose. I then say "Yosuke, Touch!" and touch my hand to his nose. I then gave him a treat. I repeated that twice then just said "Yosuke, Touch!" and held my hand still. Once he touched his nose to my hand, he got the treat. He learned pretty quickly that Touch meant Treat! lol