does my puppy have a normal spine?


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my 12 week old mini dachshund is just so full of energy, but i've been seeing these pictures of doxies with perfectly straight backs and i've noticed that mine has a slight bump or curvature. it has me worried about his spinal health. could i get your guys honest opinion?


PD has always had a bit of a hump in his back. Especially if he is cold, and when he is in pain.

I'm pretty sure I mis-diagnosed at least one instance in his life as back pain, when he was really just fine. And most recently when he was having other problems.

Is it normal? I'm not sure. Sometimes PD walks fine, and sometimes he really hunches himself up. Sometimes the hunch means he's cold, sometimes it means he hurts, sometimes it just means he hunched up.


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If your baby is only 12 wks old, give them some more time to grow. Most babies at this age are growing daily and won't achieve full growth until sometime between 6-8 months. Be patient, keep an eye on it and if you're really worried, talk to your vet.