Do you go on holiday ?


Bella & Jack's Mummy
We had booked to go to London for a weekend at October half term and I dont know if I can leave Bella even though its only for 3 days..........

My friend said to me you cant ever not go away again cause you have a dog !!! erm hello shes not just a dog shes our Bella and part of our family so I was wondering what everyone does, do you go away, do you use kennels or relatives or take you Doxie with you .................

We also have a 10 day trip to Egypt booked in Feb :confused: I really dont know what to do for the best for Bella any help really appreciated xxx Thank You xxx
I dont go anywhere that my dogs cant go.... I have Oliver, who is a med sized dog but he's high energy, fearful and aggressive, I cant trust anyone to look after him, and I wouldn't be able to leave him with my Mom as she cant handle him. so for holidays, I usually go camping, tho next year, I'm thinking about taking Oliver and Mouse down and doing a volunteer vacation at Best Friends Anamal Sanctuary in Utah (reminds me I have to start working on getting my passport) I'll drive down with the dogs, it'll be an amazing experience.

what if you hired a friend or family member to stay at your house with Bella? House sitting is very popular here. Then Bella will be in her own home and will have someone to snuggle with. A good kennel is fine, but Doxie's are so people oriented and want a lap to sleep on, a kennel couldn't give her that. The other thing to do is to leave her with family members/friends which I'm sure she'd be fine with as well.

I dont know if I could leave my dogs, even if it was possible, they are, quite literally, my life. I dont often leave Oliver, even to go to work, he comes with me. I work nights and there has been a couple of times I've been VERY glad to have his protection. Tho now that we're moving towards winter, it's going to get too cold to bring him.
Thank you Sara I will have a think and see who I would trust to a) look after Bella properly and b) to house sit xxx
I agree, get a good house sitter or take her! We plan our trips where the guys can go with us. They have never been in a kennel. Little trouble sometimes but we make it work.
My BF and I went on a weekend trip once and found a friend to watch Leo, he is pretty easy going, undemanding and lovable so people like him which is a plus.
We also went for a week to NS and he came on the plane and my dad watched him when we went out so he wasn't alone much. I wouldn't want to leave him in a kennel, it would be just like leaving him at a shelter. I just need to make more friends who likes dogs and are allowed to have them in their apartment and then maybe we can go away more... haha (That and I need to be able to afford it)
Thank you everyone, I did go look at a kennle yesterday but am not leaving her there ever I wasnt impressed, the lady told me she'd have her in herhome an an evening and put her in a run in the day as shes so small but when i went she said she probably wouldnt ! mmm i dont think i'd trust this woman with my baby girl.

In future after this weekend break and Egypt in February I will not be going anywhere again unless its UK based and we can take Bella , It makes me emotional just thinking about leaving her x
we have a fantastic lady who lives in our village, she has 2 acres & has an old horse that has huge vet bills (this is one of the reason she dog sits and she wouldn't trust anyone to look after him) . She has upto 14 big dogs and they stay in her house, Buzz my GSD X that sleeps on her bed...doesn't get that treatment at home...only special occassions!

Unfortunately she doesn't take little dogs. SO the next two trips we have lined up are UK based and Bernie is coming with us. A friend is having Bernie when we go away for 2 weeks next August, I am not looking forward to leaving him for so long though :(
Hello, I am quite new here but I posted in the intro thread and wanted to jump in a little if you don't mind. :eek: My name is Sheri & Laci Raine is my beautiful doxie. This past April, she & I went to Palm Bay, Florida on an airplane and spend 4 glorious days on the beach! My personal choice, I don't go anywhere that I can't take her. The thought of her being with someone else just turns my stomach into mush!! Look forward to getting to know you all :D
We travel during the spring/summer on our motorcycles so of course can't take our babies. We are so lucky that my DH's mother loves them as much as we do and she baby-sits for us. Otherwise, I wouldn't be able to go.