Dachsunds poisoned


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Today we got a very sad phone call from our friend saying his dachshunds Rex, Seal and Charlie were poisoned. The news was heartbreaking and infuriating; it’s hard to imagine that someone would be so cruel and malicious. It looks like the two blue dachshunds – Seal and Charlie, are going to be fine; however, Rex is still under review with a 50/50 chance that he’ll make it through the week. Please send all of your positive healing thoughts to Rex. He and his family can certainly use them. Hug your dachshunds tight today,

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This is beyond horrifying! Do you know if Rex survived? Of course the family has my thoughts and prayers for recovery.

About 5 years ago, my Libby was rat poisoned. Her symptoms were lack of appetite, lethargy, and a wheezing sound when she breathed. I foolishly thought it was her allergies, but her vet recognized it immediately as rat poison and sent us to the emergency pet hospital. There she received a blood transfusion from the vet's personal Great Dane, oxygen therapy, and Vitamin K treatments. She had to take Vitamin K tablets for over a month and was on crate rest for weeks and weeks so she wouldn't throw a blood clot. We have never used rat poison, Libby is never outdoors without me, we live some distance from our neighbors, and we never did discover how she came into contact with the rat poison. It was a dreadful and terrifying time in our lives and I am so grateful that she made a complete recovery. My heart goes out to Rex and his family.