Dachshund Potty Training Trouble


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I have two dachshunds aged 7 and 10months. Both of them are still struggling with potty training. I have tried everything! They shred or chew up the puppy pads, i'll take them outside, they won't go and then they'll come inside and go in their crate, I've tried scolding them, i've tried a rolled up newspaper, what gives?? They do go potty outside and they seem to understand when I say time to go potty we go outside and do our business but they refuse to stop going in the house. I've even bought the sprays that are supposed to make them not want to go in the sprayed spot. We've tried crate training they just go in the crate. They pee in their beds. I'm not leaving them in the crates for ridiculous amounts of time just at night when we're in bed and when i'm at work for about 3hrs until my husband gets home. They do not seem to understand the concept of holding it. They eat and immed go on the floor. You don't even have time to put your shoes on. I'm really really frustrated with this I don't know what else to do. The top methods for training are the puppy pads and crating what else can I do?
Milo at 10 months is getting better at his potty training. We have a baby gate that limits his access to the whole house. We are two adults and just one dog so he is seldom out of our sight--but I have never "caught him in the act" in the house for immediate correction. He is starting to go to the door and barking. Yay! He goes to the door a million times a day and I take him out on leash to his spot on the lawn every time. He became more reliable when I started giving a small treat each time he produced. Going out once an hour, or more, was not too often when he was just learning, and he can still pee every hour and poop 3 times a day. Whe he fusses at night I give him the benefit of the doubt one time. I wonder if the neighbors think I'm getting strange, outside at 1am in nightgown and bare feet yelling "pee-pee".

I hope he'll be able to stretch out his times one of these days. All we talk about is Milo and his potty: when, where, what and how much! We are the trained ones, keeping mental log and knowing how much time has passed. We have devoted whole days to this process and given up our normal routine in the expectation that we will eventually be rewarded (and in this life, not the next!)

We are fortunate that he is OK in the crate and we have a fenced yard and decent weather. If he had to be alone I would leave him in a laundry room, bathroom or outside. At one time I followed the advice to keep the dog leashed to my belt but we both got really depressed. I have also considered a dog door and wonder if other forum members have one, and does the pup use it?

There's lots of advice in books and internet. Try whatever makes sense and be patient.