Dachshund living with a guinea pig


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Hello community of dachshund lovers :)

We had a little dream come true.
My girlfriend is a veterinarian, and since she started working, she was fascinated with these little running professors :)
So to shorten everything up: we adopted a pure breed wired dachshund champion from a previous owner who didn't look after him.
The problem is: we have a very loved guinea pig, also a wired hair breed. We are lucky that we have a very intelligent and socialised individual, however I have my doubts about them getting along. The biggest doubts are how will the dachshund behave, when we will leave the animals alone. Will he bark, will his life will be hard because of knowing that there is a rodent he could hunt?

I seek for advice, did anyone face any similiar circumstances buying or adopting a dachshund?


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I can't say for certain what will happen, but I can say that my mother has a rabbit that she keeps indoors, in an open-top pen on the floor. My guy showed mild interest in it initially, but once he was cautioned to back off when he seemed to get a k title keyed up while watching it run around, he lost interest and now doesn't bother it at all, other than the occasional quick sniff.