dachshund and kids?


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i am thinkin about adding a 8 month old and 5 year old, or maybe just one of them im not sure yet to my family, its just me and my son, he is 5 1/2 months old, and i was wondering before decieding if i should add them to the family, if dachshunds are suited for little kids,


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It depends on the dog to be honest. It also depends on you as well. They are going to be curious and want to know who the baby is (i.e. your son). The best way is to see how the dogs react around your son. I have never had an issue with dachshunds around infants. Of anything they were always wanting to sniff the diaper and would run over fast to where the baby was when they would hear the baby cry to see what was going on. It also really depends on your reaction when they are around your son. If they see you calm more than likely it will rub off on them. If you are high strong and scream they will react in a negative way. All in all, the best way is to give it a trial run with the dachshunds and see how everyone reacts. Sometimes doxies will ignore infants and go on about their day. Best of luck!