Click training?


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Is there anyone here who has click-traind their dog? How did you start? What did you train with the clicker? Was it easy/hard?

Our dog never tries anything on his own when we teach him new trix. He just sits and watch us. He tries when he understands what we ask of him.

I would like to train him on dog-meetings. I would like fo Alf to, whenever he spot a dog or person (which starts him barking) he would look at me instead and be rewarded for not barking. In sweden we call this "skvallerträning". The stimuli itself will be the sign for the dog of treats if they go to their owner and dont bark.

Enyone tried this?
My dogs are all clicker trained. Even the deaf ones, though they have a LED light instead of a Clicker. I find clicker training is really effective, and will teach your dog to offer behaviours. Mouse used to be that way, only reacting to me instead of thinking for herself, which severely inhibited what I could teach her... But finally it came together, and she now offers behaviours and thinks for herself alot. And I've discovered she is little smarty-pants!

And yes, I do something similar to what you are describing. I call it the look at that game. I make sure we're under threshold then click when Ollie looks at the other dog, he looks back at me for the treat, then I click again when he again looks at the other dog. It's a great way of figuring out where the dogs threshold is too, because if he doesn't look back for the treat, we know we're too close.

I would seriously recommend "Reaching the Animal Mind" by Karen Pryor It's extremely informative and explains clicker training and the science behind why it works perfectly.
Great then I will try it. I didnt think it would work on Alf when he doesnt try on his own to figure something out. But this may just help him do that. He is a super-quick learner in other situations.
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