Car Seats

We use harnesses, too.

Not that we're all that safe, the dogs are still in the front seat with us, and can get into our laps while driving.

Just to clarify, I do the driving. Fortunately, neither Frank nor PD have shown much interest in taking the wheel.


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A cage in the back of the car would be safer for all. Nothing can fall on the dog in a crachs and the dog dosent come flying in a crasch.


Yikes, Steph. After reading that, I'm thinking that a harness will not do a good job in protecting our pets. And I'm leary about the front seat in any case.


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We have a wire crate in the back of our suv for our two dogs they dont mind and it keeps shedding away from seats! :) I find it convenient cause it's collapsible so if i don't have the dogs with me and need space I can just put it away.!