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Jul 27, 2011
Otis, Petunia and Sylvester
Ok, Otis is 2 years old. My sister in law and brother invited Otis and I to go camping with them in the Catskills. Out has a big issue with people, he doesnt like them to touch him, until he sniffs you and then you have to go real slow to touch him. Any ways there are going to be other campers, and alot of dogs. My brother said that all the dogs are aloud to run loose up there. I dont feel comfortable having him loose. But do you think it would be a bad experience for him to go, being there are people he doesnt know and its a strange place. There are alot of things for him to do there. There are trails and a pond, and other dogs, that will be off leash, not my dog tho. I just worry if he wonders off I wont be able to find him, plus wild animals, and the fact he doest trust people. I think I will just make sure he is with one of the adults all the time. Im not really sure if he would enjoy going. We would be gone for about 4 days from aug 31 till sept 3 or 4th.
I would take him, load your pockets with treats and keep him with YOU at all times, constantly reward him for being calm, if he does react to something/someone, take him away from the situation then reward him after he calms down. Control his space at all times, try to keep him from reacting at all. it'll be a good experience for him *if* you make sure it is.