Buzz my GSD X


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We have had Buzz for 13 yrs, he is a GSD X. We got him from the RSPCA when he was about 10 weeks old. He had been fostered out to 4 different families in his short life..due to the xmas holidays. SO he was very nervous and took a long while to settle in. His mum was a lab x (not sure with) who was raped in the woods by a GSD. He has the temperament and obedience of a GSD. Likes all the family to be rounded up in one place :)

Since we have got our mini Daxi Buzz has got a new lease of life. He plays for ages with Bernie and puts up with all his puppy behaviours. Happily drags Bernie around by his tail! But will put Bernie in his place when he has had enough.

The last year Buzz has started to suffer a few health problems he is now epileptic and has arthritis, but both conditions are under control with meds.


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well done for rescuing such a gorgeous boy.

I also have a rescue boxer - This is his 3rd and most definately last home. He's a wonderful lad too.

good for you x
Aww it was nice of you to adopt. I adopted my now 8 month old German Shepherd Dog, Riley, a few months ago. You're dog is beautiful as well :)!
That's really great job, you rescued lovely dog. Now don't forget to give him proper training, other wise it will become lazy. Make its routine, have a personal trainer for excellent training and give him proper meal everyday.