Buffy Jo

A couple of mos ago my sweet baby girl, my heart dog, my Doxie X Scottie Buffy went to the bridge. She had a tumor removed that proved to be cancerous & the cancer spread through her entire little body. She would've been 12 or 13yrs old this past January. Run free my sweet little girl, letting you go was the hardest thing I ever did. Wait for me at the Rainbow Bridge with Hobo & Salem.


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I am so very sorry for your loss.
Would you like to post some of your favorite photos of her? We'd love to see them. It would be a nice tribute to her.
Here are a few pics of her. No puppy pics as I didn't have a camera until she was older. She was the best dog I've ever owned. She was a total sweetie, loved people especially children (you couldn't spank a child in her presence, she would tell you off & if you didn't heed her warning she would bite you) & thought every person was her best buddy, the kind of dog that everyone who met her & spent any time around fell in love with. She thought every puppy she came into contact with rightfully belonged to her, immediately took Flair under her wing & protected him as if he were her own from the time I got him, they became known as double trouble LOL. She was highly intelligent to a fault even. She learned to walk on a leash at 6wks old (she was 5wks old when I got her) took to it like she was born with a collar on her neck & a lead attached to it. She was totally housebroke by the time she was 6mos old. She learned to sit up and beg at the tender age of 8wks old. She learned to speak & count at the tender age of 9wks old. She learned to shake hands when she was 6mos old, she learned the command lay at a year old (only took her an hr to have it down). Her arch nemesis was the vacuum cleaner LOL, she would attack it everytime it got turned on.