Breeding from a clear red bitch

Elin Evans

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Hi all!

I am considering breeding from my 2 year old clear red smooth haired miniature dachshund bitch. I am currently researching possible suitors.
I have looked up and compared a number of different dogs by utilising the mating inbreeding co-efficient prediction. I am aware that the average inbreeding coefficient for the breed is currently 7.4%. My view is that any breeder should be improving the breed. As such, I have looked far and wide for the lowest score and the best match for my very special girl. I have found a stud dog and if I used him, the puppies would have an inbreeding coefficient score of 1.1% which is excellent! This dog is a champion himself and has many champions in his line. His confirmation is magnificent and he is very sweet natured.

I am new to the breeding world and I understand that the colouring of dachshunds is quite a mindfield. As stated above my bitch is a clear red. The dog I have found is also a clear red. Is this a no go? I'm sure I remember someone mentioning to me that if I put a red on red the puppies would lose their black points?
I would be grateful to receive any advice.

Thank you in advance.


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Hi Elin,

What do you mean by clear red? Simply red, with minimal or no black overlay? When I Googled clear red dachdhund, I saw several photos of dogs with weak red pigment (sometimes mistakely called creams at birth, but they are light red as adults)? There's a saying regarding colors that goes something like this, "your dogs color tells you what he appears to be, his papers tell you what he ought to be, and his pups will tell you what he is." I've done rescue and I've bred three litters. I'm facinated with colors and I know just enough to get me in trouble.