Breakthru in house training?


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So Spekkle was spayed on Friday at the vets suggestion that they were thinking she was marking... I however thought that only male dogs did this but took their suggestion and we had her spayed a little earlier than planned...

Since Spekkle came home on Friday night, there has not been one accident in our house, or in her crate... I line half her crate with a puppy pad and put her blankets on the other side.. as I am gone about 9 hours in the day.. she has only pottied on the puppy pad and no longer on any of her blankets!! And she is barking when she needs to go out( something she has never done)... And I moved her back to my bed at night, lining the area under her bed with black garbage bags and an extra blanket,( she's piddled on the bed before)....

I am so excited, I am getting to enjoy this wonderful baby again without all the frustration from being unable to house train her!! And thanks to Sara we have some wonderful tips to use to fully get Spekkle trained!!


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Doing a happy dance for you!! Congrats!
My older girl marks where the younger one pees so yes, girls mark too.