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According to a website I often visit on animal information, it says that dogs age as follows:
the first two years are equal to 7 years human. after that however many years old they are is multiplied by 3 to get human years. So, that being used, Henry is equal to a 17 year old(which explains his teenage moods, lol) and Oscar is 14. This helped us understand their temperaments a little more. :eek: After we thought about it for a while, my husband said, "well, Honey, we have two teenagers in the house" Is this aging chart, we are using, correct?
I have no idea if its correct Starfish although its interesting, i think its right that one of our human years is equivilent to 5 dog years though, but it did make me smile what your hubby said :)... 2 teenagers in the house :) x