At my wits end! Help Please!


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Ok, i joined this site a while ago, but forgot about it and never posted. now im posting cause im at a loss!! might be long, so bare with me cause i NEED HELP!

Back in September we took in friends of ours 7month old doxie pup, Sadie. their daughter got her at 8wks old around the beginning of summer and come end of summer and time for their daughter to go back to school, parents were left with a puppy they didnt want or had time for. they knew we already had one and how much i loved doxies and wanted another one so they asked and we gladly said yes. and it's been a decision i've regretted ever since. :(

I had plans on just bringing her to the humane society to get her spayed for $65, as opposed to our vet for $300. But then she started having some issues. so i bit the bullet and took her to the vet. Turns out, she developed mange. non contagious kind, thankfully, so our other dog was safe. but i had to bring her to the vet once a week for a shot for the next 4-6 weeks AND during that time, get her spayed because her body getting ready for a heat was making her immune system too weak to fight off the mange. between the initial visit, labwork, weekly shots, and spay, we dropped an unexpected $1200 within a month.

during the time period of weekly visits, i brought up other issues i had noticed. I told the vet it was like i had a lab puppy, and not a dachshund puppy! ive been through the puppy stage with a dachshund before, so i knew what to expect. but what i was actually going through was NOTHING like i experienced with our 1st! when i say lab puppy, im being literal! the wall, doorframe, $400 set of blinds, shoes, clothes, bottom of our dresser, her kennel, dining room table leg, ANYTHING she could get ahold of. despite pooping and peeing outside before we leave, i still came home to poop and pee in the house. i could be gone 5 minutes down the road to the store, and she somehow still had poop and pee left to "give". he asked how we came to have her. well, counting the breeder, we're her 4th owners in less than a year!! (breeders, daughter, parents, us) BINGO! he diagnosed her with severe separation anxiety! OH JOY! he told me about the calming treatments i could find in stores, instead of the expensive stuff he could prescribe. said they work all the same.

Here we are, a few months later, she's now a year old and NOTHING has worked! im so fed up with this dog! i love her to death, but i dont know what else to do! i definitely cannot get rid of her! no! she's already been through enough owners! i cannot do that to her! Ive tried all the tricks to help with SA, ive done all what i have read and researched. nothing! Today i came home to a hole in our couch cushion! Putting her in a kennel while we're gone doesnt work either. its not recommended for separation anxiety (makes it worse) and she just chews the cage. we do not have a fenced in backyard, so leaving her outside isnt an option. She has toys, has the older dog to play with, she gets attention when we're home.

I feel so bad for feeling so frusterated with her. i know its not her fault, but i really dont know how much more/longer i can take of it all! i havent taken her back to the vet for more of his expert opinion yet, but plan on it. we're remodeling our house, so another vet bill is not feasible right now. ironically enough a remodel thats all her fault (carpeting was just saturated in urine and all the wall and baseboard chewing she's done)

ANY advice will be appreciated!


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I am sorry that you both are dealing with such issues. It's heartbreaking isn't it? One thing that came to mind was watching the Dog Whisperer. A couple had a dog with the same problem and one thing Cesar had them do was practice being calm in the kennel. Have them go in the kennel, leave the door open, and sit close by and read a magazine or something. Make sure they stay in the kennel, and let them practice relaxing.

I think this is the episode...

Be sure to meet her exercise requirements every day too.
One way is to measure out her food for the day and feed her breakfast with a treat ball. Put a few of her kibble in it, have her push that thing around, and put a few more kibble. It can take 1/2 hour of pushing the ball around to get breakfast.

This is a toy hamster and ball..

I hope you can find how to help this poor girl. Best wishes.


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Where Do You Find That Fake Hamster And Ball I Am VERY Interested THANKS AND HAVE A GREAT DAY

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Hi, so sorry you are having so many problems. I agree with Penny re the exercise bit, some dachshunds are really intelligent and get bored easily this then can make them very naughty.

Keeping them occupied is the challenge! kongs etc can be great for keeping them amused. Plenty of different chews will also help and it maybe worthwhile to re evaluate her diet.

SA can be a nightmare to overcome, try not to fuss her when you return home or this will just exasperate it. You need to be a strong pack leader as well so all the bits about establishing yourself as the one in charge will help as well.

As she is such a chewer, she does need to be confined when you are not around to limit the damage and curb the habit of thinking everything is fair game. Some do not take to a cage as easy as others. Is there a room you can make dog proof, one without a carpet would be best, kitchen or bathroom is always a good idea. She needs to be left with as many toys / chews etc as possible, maybe with a radio left on, a nice comfy spot and plenty of puppy pads.

The other thing that might help with occupying her brain a bit and to tire her out is to enrol her for some agility training or just plain obedience classes. This will help to get her really well socialised and give her something else to think about.

Well done you for not giving up on her, I do hope you can work it out and don't be afraid to keep asking for help. Good luck.


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Indoor Dog Toilet

Hey Doxie,

I just saw another dog owner here with the same issue...I thought it was just me.

First of all, bless you for adopting a rescue dog. (I volunteer at a shelter here). Some come in with such painful pasts, that its difficult to know what to expect. One of my dogs was also a rescue, and it took years for him to feel secure and loved. He has turned out to be a wonderful pet, so I have my fingers crossed for you.

As for housebreaking, your dog might be acting out, but my dog used to get so upset when I left, he would pee on the floor as well. We found out it was not out of spite, but he would become so stressed, he could not hold it. The indoor dog toilet was our saving solution. When given the option, of this or the floor, he knew the piddle place was his toilet, and he seemed grateful for having this presented to him.

When reading reviews on this product, it made us think about how we treat animals. Why should then not be allowed the same comfort we have of being able to relieve ourselves when needed. It now seems cruel all the years I had my little dogs without for 9 hours a day.

Let us know what happens.


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Hey Barron, I am new to this site. Thank you for sharing to us about the indoor dog toilet I have one and my Roxie sure is learning how to use it. I don't have to worry so much about accidents while I am away from home. I don't come home to a smelly house either. I hope to hear from you.

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If you do set her up in her own room try putting her in there for 10-15 minutes at a time alone...then check on her and praise her if she was quiet and didn't tear anything up....gradually increase the time til she barks or you hear doing this repeatedly daily after awhile she should be eased into being left alone for longer periods of time knowing that you're eventually coming back....


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Where Do You Find That Fake Hamster And Ball I Am VERY Interested THANKS AND HAVE A GREAT DAY

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Google toy hamster and ball. I got it at a mall when they were clearing out stuff at Christmas and that store is no longer there.