Any Dachshunds that are Hypoallergenic??


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My boyfriend is allergic to most dogs except Bichons because they have real hair not fur. Are there any Dachshunds that anyone knows of that are like that?
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Supposedly the mini wire don't malt. I thought the poodles are good for hypo allergic people :rolleyes:
The wire-haired variety shed's a tad less and is better with allergies, but they're not "hypoallergenic" If your BF is fine with Bichons, than he should be fine with Poodles, Irish Water Spaniels, Portugese Water Dogs, Shih Tsu's and Maltise. He may also be ok with wire-haired breeds like the Airedale Terrier, Welsh Terrier, Irish Terrier, Wire Fox Terrier, Wire haired variety of Dachshund, etc
you could try finding someone who breeds wired or a wired/mixed dog for adoption and see how he reacts. you should be really sure before bringing one home, no one likes the excuse of allergies for someone to get rid of a dog.
I know this is a older post, but it really depends on what he's allergic to. Is it the dog dander or stuff the dog picks up from around the house and outside?

I have a longhaired and he's been great for me. I'm allergic to almost everything. We sleep with him every night. Sometimes My allergies act up when there's a lot of pollen out and he picked it up and brings it in. Nothing an Allegra can't fix.
I am allergic to just about every animal there is, including our Spekkle.... It was recommend to me to switch Spekkle to "Avoderm" food.... And this may not be the best food around... However it has helped with my allergies soo much that Spekkle never effects them!! She gets a bath about once a month, with a nice conditioning, and a good brushing... And I have not had a problem since switching her food... I was told that it has something to do with the food having Avocado and that avocado helps control the dander... Never hurts to give it a try!
Most Poodle hybrids are hypoallergenic so you could look into a Doxiepoo. Poodles are very smart dogs and so are dachshunds. When you breed two dogs of different breeds together you get pups that have hybrid vigor, which is very good! Hybrid vigor usually brings the best from each parent into the pup and provides for an extremely health animal. It of course wouldn't be a purebred Doxie, but in many ways that is good... pure breeds tend to have a lot of health issues in any breed of dog. I hope this helps, good luck!