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I took Mickey to the vet last week for his first check up since he's been home. The vet says he's healthy and maybe just a tad underweight but better to be a tad underweight then overweight. He's 10 1/2 weeks old now.
A couple of days a week I have to leave him at home alone (with 2 chihuahuas) and I worry mostly about his being hungry. I feed him at 4:00am when I get up for the day and at 7:00am before I go to work he eats a meal with the other dogs. If I'm home, I feed him a noon meal, then I feed him another meal at 5:00 when I again feed the other dogs. All together he gets about 1 1/3 cups of Taste of the Wild dry food moistened with warm water per day. Do you think he gets hungry on those 2 days a week that I'm not home for the noon meal?
Also, when he gets excited or scared he dribbles urine. Any suggestions about how to help him not do this or will he grow out of it?
I'm sure he does get hungry, but it's fine a couple of days a week.

As to submissive peeing. Dont react to it at all, just continue what you were doing and ignore the peeing. He will grow out of it. He is doing this to tell you he's just a little puppy and no threat to you, of you get mad, or react to it it'll just make it worse, and take longer to go away.
Thank you!

Thanks, Sara, I was hoping you'd answer because I knew you'd know the right thing to do. I don't ever say anything to him when he 'leaks' cuz I know he can't help it. He even does it when one of the Chihuahuas bark at something. He's so precious. I don't think I could ever be mad at him for anything. I may have my neighbor come in and feed him lunch when I can't make it home in time as I can't stand the thought of his being hungry even 2 days a week.
I actually fast my dogs once a week... well, sometimes a whole day, and sometimes only one meal... It follows their natural rythms a little better, and keeps their metabolism high (I know, exactly opposite of humans!) and I do everything I possibly can to keep my dogs (especially my Doxies) skinny. They dont get less food when I fast them, I make sure that portion gets into the next day's feedings.

That being said, you do not want to do this with a young puppy, they need regular feeding, and as much as they want as babies.