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Hello everyone. I'm new to the forum and I just adopted my dachshund from a local shelter. She is almost 3 years old and I'm so IN LOVE!!!!!


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Congrats on the adoption! Is she a Standard or a mini? what colour? They're such a fun breed!


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She is a tan, a mini 9.5 lbs and will be 3 years old in Sept.. Long story, but I found a 8 month old long haired doxie on craigslist, me and the owner chatted a week so that she would feel comfortable in "re-homing" her doxie. Anyway we set up a meeting in a public parking lot and she absolutely stood me up. No phone call, no e-mail, nothing. I was devastated. So, I started calling shelters and lo and behold a local shelter had a mini female doxie that an ederly lady surrendered due to residents complaining about the barking (she lives in some type of assisted living). Anyway, I jumped in my car, raced to the shelter and she was the first dog in the kennel. Her little nose was sticking out of the fence and she was whining and very scared - I took one look at her and told her "dog-baby, you're coming come with me". And, we are living happily ever after. She is so sweet and so wonderful!!!! I feel like I'm the luckest person in the world to have found her. We are best friends! She really has adapted well.


Wow, Weinerette - sometimes things are just meant to be! Congrats on your new little girl. Sounds like she's the lucky one..