A little worried but not an emergency


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Our 5 month old female (butters) has been getting bumps on her chin and by he mouth (pic below) I'm not sure if its a medical issue or just results of the play fighting she's been doing with her siblings I'd like to take her to the vet but we simply don't have the money at the moment to take her and it not be anything, wondering if anyone here can help.... Greatly appreciated thanks!



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Looks like plastic allergy to me. My Dobes were allergic to plastic, so it was stainless steel or ceramic dishes for them. Also, you can wash her chin with warm water and listerine (the old fashioned yellow stuff that has alcohol in it) worked wonders for my guys - smells revolting for a while, but worked. Good luck!


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Looks like puppy pimples. Change your bowls to ceramic or steel and make sure you clean them every day. That should help them out.