32 Hearts

Dusty Puddles

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In honor of Fuzzy and Wendi, our 31st & 32nd rescue/adoption we wrote this,
we hope you all enjoy:

32 Hearts

Thirty two hearts have passed through our door, all with four paws, wet noses and little more. Some of them stayed, some of them went, some still waiting for a new home to be sent. Some came with collars, some came with names, and some came with illness that could not be tamed. Some reasons were valid, some reasons were good, but always, the owners swore they would keep them if they could. He ruins the furniture; she barks through the night, He cost too much money, she just isn’t right. No matter the reasons they came to our door, there still is a heart that a home has no more. The reds the dapples the long hairs and dots, the pure bred the minies, the mixes, and the spots, they all lost their masters, they all lost their homes, their future uncertain, are they destined to roam? We feed them, we love them, we fix them up right, and we tuck them in soundly and get through the night. We look in their eyes and make them a vow; we will find them a human, some way, somehow. We have done our best to give each a new start; and each one has left with a piece of our heart. 32 Dachshunds have come through our door, 32 two hearts who want for a home no more. Yes 32 Dachshunds may have come and gone through our door, but there is no time to pause, as there are 32 more!

Dusty Puddles Dachshund Rescue
We received an email update today. Fuzzy (who is now Gracie) and her sister Wendi own the place. The wonderful lady that adopted them couldn't be happier.
Neither could we! :D

Say goodnight Gracie!:p:eek::D