1. GemLouise

    Sad Sausage Dog

    I have a 2yr old sausage dog called Bonnie. She gets 2\3 walks a day, has a chew to clean her teeth on a morning , has her tea around 5.30 each night and she's never left alone longer than 4hrs. Past few days she seems very "low" or sad to me, I've asked my boyfriend what he thinks and he just...
  2. Jabbar

    Ideal walking schedule

    Hi. I am just trying to sort out the ideal schedule for my dogs By walking I mean for exercise not potty. I'd like to do two walks a day. The first walk would be right away in the morning. The second walk would in the dusk. Any chance? 脫水機
  3. V

    Hello new here

    I've got a 6 yr old girl named Sadie with ivdd... Afte crate rest she's walking again but has potty training issues
  4. Frankie Bean

    Stubborn Walker

    We've encountered a new "issue" with our mini doxie, Frankie. She is almost 7 months old and we've had her for 11 days. Brand new! The last several days we've watched her become more and more comfortable in the house. She was comfortable with me and my husband right off the bat, and that's...