Sad Sausage Dog


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I have a 2yr old sausage dog called Bonnie. She gets 2\3 walks a day, has a chew to clean her teeth on a morning , has her tea around 5.30 each night and she's never left alone longer than 4hrs.
Past few days she seems very "low" or sad to me, I've asked my boyfriend what he thinks and he just thinks she has a normal doggy life.
She gets plenty of walks, play times and positivity yet she seems glum. I maybe thought that she was lonely cause she doesn't have much doggy interaction (apart from our walks) but she can be very picky on who she likes and doesn't like when it comes to other dogs. We go on walks with another couple who has sausage dogs but she doesn't seem to want to play with them either, also, when she doesn't like a dog she snaps or starts drooling from being nervous. She has never been confident with other dogs, even from a pup, so I'm guessing she's a human kinda dog
Is there any way to cheer up my confusing pooch? I'm trying to be positive around her but when she's low it upsets me :(