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    Back surgery aftermath help/support

    For Doxie owners with back surgery experience... My Doxie lost mobility in his rear and within 24 hours he had back surgery. They gave him an 80% chance of recovery. The next day, he lost deep pain. He had it before surgery. So now they are giving him a 50% chance of success. Maybe the...
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    It is $2 Tuesday!

    Hi friends, Our beautiful dapple girl, Cocoa, was diagnosed with IVDD and has two herniated discs in her back. She just had a CT scan with a neurologist yesterday and we are planning on surgery for the very start of January. As I'm sure most of you know, IVDD is not covered by the...
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    My Doxie is a Daredevil! Help!

    I got Dexter a week ago, he is anywhere from 2-4 yrs old and is a standard long haired - I am truely in love :) However Dexter was abused by his last owners and is recovering from surgery after suffering from a shattered femur, it's been 10 days since surgery. He is healing incredibly and...