1. Jared New

    New members :)

    Hello, everyone. My name is Jared. i’m A military spouse and Accounting Student, Around one month ago we Adopted Santa-Lucia Marie (Lucy marie) and Santo-Francisco Angelo. my husband is from Italy and with the pups being AKC, he wanted to keep the fancy naming tradition like her relatives while...
  2. Gies

    Tutorial on how to upload pictures

    Follow this link to my tutorial on how to upload pictures on this forum. Download the pdf and follow step 1 to 4 and your pictures should show up like this. Just experiment and let me know if you have any questions or run into problems, good luck and have fun. Mokka in 2013. :D:D
  3. D

    How to know my dash is pure or not

    I am going to buy a dash, I want to know how to know whether it is pure or not I have the pictures with me. pls help Dashhunt 28 days - Palakkad - Dogs