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  1. Barron

    waiting for you to come home

    Okay my Dachshund family its quitting time here on where I am, and I am headed home to see my Barron. Tail-a-thumping, eyes alight, i fell so happy to be home. If you are like me, here is a gift to you this Friday evening Waiting for you
  2. Barron

    new puppy needs housebreaking

    why does this always happen when I am walking around barefoot! My new puppy is getting an indoor dog toilet.
  3. N

    Adopted Dachshund - Housetraining and Crate Training HELP!!

    Hello, I just adopted a dachshund around 5-7 years old. He has lived his entire life outside, and is not housetrained. At night when I put him in his crate he does NOT go to the bathroom. If I leave him in his crate during the day he goes to the bathroom, usually just pee. For example, I...
  4. Barron

    Housebreaking and Dr Marty Beckers choice / Pet Global Winners

    We attended the pet Global Expo and were delighted to find these ten best products. Thank you Dr Becker. 10 Best New Pet Products from Global Pet Expo By vetstreet.com | Pets – Mon, Mar 17, 2014 12:42 PM EDT Email Share49 Print By Dr. Marty Becker | vetstreet.com Pet Health | The...
  5. Barron

    Potty privileges

    I wanted to share this though a friend sent me today. I tried to post it once, but I am new to this site....but my Doxies are old. Sorry if it comes in twice I see so many questions here on house breaking and puppy pads Please allow me to share a thought. I am a dog trainer, and volunteer...
  6. T

    Male Pooping and Peeing in House

    Hello fellow dachi lovers! I have a 6 year old male dachshund. He is a smooth coated chocolate and tan boy. He has had a problem with pooping and peeing in the house since he was just a pup. Here's the details: He cannot be left alone for even a minute, or he will often steal away and poop...
  7. jazzaria

    Hi everyone!!!

    Well as we can all tell I am new here..... I am owned by a beautiful double dapple mini dachshund named Spekkle! She is the most loving little pain in the ass I have ever met (next to my kids)!! Spekkle is 4 months old... And she is both deaf and has some slight vision impairments.... She is...