1. I

    Our first ever post... Hair trim question

    Hi fellow doxie owners and lovers! I have a 9 month old long hair dapple mini dachshund named Inky, whom I love to the moon and back! Anyway, I took him to the groomer yesterday for the first time for a bath, nail trim, ear cleaning, and just a hair trim around the bum (we've been having...
  2. Pongo

    Longhaired dashchund needs hair help!

    My doxie, Pongo, is a 2 year old, twelve pound, red, long haired dachshund. He has perfect health, but he has short, fuzzy fur. When he was a pup he had the typical short fur on his body and long, wavy fur on his ears. As he has grown his fur on his tail has grown a little so he has a little...