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  1. J

    Which dog breed is best for me?

    Hi, Hope you are all doing well. I am so sad as my Dachshund passed away a few days back. I am looking to own another dog, particularly another Dachshund. But some of my friends are recommending me the Merle French Bulldog. I really don't know much about this specific breed. Anybody here who...
  2. Jabbar

    Dog food

    Which is a better food for dog? Find a contains no corn, by-products, sugar or artificial flavoring. Then will probably have a good food. it is right?
  3. Y

    my dog

    My dog learn new skills,hehe:)
  4. Y

    Dachshund is very lovely

    There is a dog in our family.
  5. M

    Dachshunds and Birds of Prey

    Hi all, I'm looking for advice on how to protect my mini-Dachshunds from birds of prey - specifically hawks in the New Mexico high desert. All I can come up with is to build a dog pen with some kind of cover / canopy but no way to ever let them run loose. Thanks, Mike
  6. nowiredogfence

    Favorite dog quotes

    Hey everyone, here is a short vid that has some of my favorite dog quotes. Which is your favorite? I think mine is the Roger Caras quote with the girl running with the dog. Quotes about dogs video
  7. CaseyKC

    National Dog Day

    Today, August 26, 2015, is National Dog Day. Libby sends greetings.
  8. M

    A song I wrote about my dog

    I love my Weiner dog. So I wrote him this sing. I hope you like it.