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Which is a better food for dog?
Find a contains no corn, by-products, sugar or artificial flavoring. Then will probably have a good food. it is right?


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I am a raw feeder so I am sorry that I cannot help you. All I will say is that all kibble and canned food has some additives and usually artificial flavouring/colouring.

However, just because I feed raw does not mean that I am anti-kibble/canned food and I would never push anyone into my way of feeding.

This is a good site with details of all commercial dog foods:

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to be on my best knowledge and experience , raw food for dogs is always good and recommended but if only your dogs are all check out fine by means 'checked-out" is that all the physical, wellness exams, and all immunizations are current and in order then raw food is the way to go. i would give the raw food in small portions first before full size gradually. and if you are hesitant of giving raw food to your dog due to your own poor resource informations or gossip and doubts, then theres an alternative to give half raw- half cooked food for dogs in that way you will have peace of mind that it is not full raw. i give my doxies half raw- half cooked food called (healthy-pet) here in california and they sell them @ walmart inside the fridge @ yes, i thought that was awesome. i was also first hesitant to give raw food or even half raw but honestly i've tried all the best dry food/canned products out there, i mean the best kind top of the line products and brand and price money can buy...and guess purebred dachshund spit them out one by one . Sometimes when i give them those brand names high proteins and best dry food or canned it is too much for dogs to handle and its actually NOT GOOD for them. sometimes my moxie just look at the food and then he would look at me and say..dude, are you serious ? your about to feed me these crap in my stomach ? and he walked away. :) So, when i give them healthypet i saw immediate improvement. Keep in mind, i also feed my dogs vegetables and fruits as part of their meal or snacks during the day which is the most important that feeding them anything else. Home made food diet is always the best. Hope that helps anyone out there. Cheers !


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"Healthy-Pet" food sold in the refrigerator section of Walmarts is not raw or even half raw food. It is ready prepared dog food the same as tinned or kibble is, just sold in a wet form. And vegetables and fruit is not the most important thing when feeding a dog. They need protein, vitamins and minerals which you will not find in either vegetables or fruit. In fact too much fruit is not good for dogs as it mostly passes through them.

Vegetables have to be added in proportion to proper raw feeding, and if your dogs turn their noses up at whatever sort of food you offer them, you have just spoiled them.

Regarding your comment that raw food [presumably you do mean proper raw food, food as it comes from a butcher or poulterer] should only be fed to "checked out fine" dogs, perhaps you should learn a bit more about canine nutrition. Or maybe you would consider me evil for feeding my epileptic dog raw food?

Incidentally, there is a specific sub-section on Feeding under the main section of Dachshund Specific Chat, under which your promotion of "Healthy-Pet" food should be.

I do not promote raw feeding, but neither would I state, as you have done, that the "Healthy-Pet" food from the refrigerator section of Walmarts is "awesome". Maybe your dogs like it but it is not raw food nor is it half-cooked food. It is just the same as any other pre-prepared dog food.

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Tikki, you have a lot of learning to do as far as caring for your companions and replying or advising delicate consumers. Suggestions and advices given to others sometimes does not pertain to your considerations of how to treat your own companions. My preference in caring for our companions is always backed up with hard facts and experience. Not all dogs can or should have on raw diet food. Maybe most but not all because each immune system of every dog is differ from the other thus why there's options out there for the groups of companions that refuses the raw meat diet. This why I also stated to anyone that is going to switch regimen to raw diet food must do the first step in making sure their companions have their proper core and non core vaccines annually. This, in fact, is the most important step in order to have healthier and long lasting life for anyone's companions. I said that because not referring to switching the diet but you ALWAYS want to be sure that your companions have proper up to date vaccines that can back up their immune system. Raw food diet are acceptable but not all owners are completely have a peace of mind doing that route. 75% of population are using over the counter food or the so called dry food. It is so because of personal reference and most are not educated enough on these things. Some just can't afford the raw meat diet route. Others questioned it. It is all come down to personal ideal of what they want for their companions. My experience in healthypet product works on couple of our companions. We also use supplements and other organic products on top of healthypet. Our pets have their annuals every year and been cleared of everything. Exercise and activities are all part of the diet. There's a lot more to the word 'diet' than the food itself. I am aware of all the ingredients that we fed our companions. Again, people needs options and informations not dictatorship of how to handle their companions after all it is their companions not yours. On that note, just stick to be the moderator and let Dennis the admin do his job. Dennis have to apologize for your own behalf. You are making him look bad on his own site honey. Have little bit respect and self conscious about yourself when replying to a forum site feeders. You reminded us of how our PitBull Sasha acts. She is very defensive because she does not know any better. Food for thought. Cheers !
There is nothing wrong with Healthy Pet. My dogs did not do well on raw. I tried it and one got very sick and over $400 in vet bills.I felt terrible. It was fresh chicken wings. I home cook and I use vegetables, carrots, sweet potatoes, kale etc. They also get acana dry for seniors. I have had doxies for over 25 years and my first girl lived to be over 16 with home cooking. I use a good omega fish oil, pro biotics & liquid vitamins.
If you read some books from breeders from 50's & 60's they fed very well.
I lost one of my rescues to bladder cancer but kept her going on holistic med & special home cooked diet. I think if she was only eating raw meat, I would have lost her sooner and no, she did not suffer.
Welcome to the site eric. Sorry you had such a hard time. I went through the same wringer also and hope to stay around.