1. K

    Dietary supplements: Mini Dachshund

    Hello, I'm new here and wanted to see if anyone has recommendations for supplementing my 18 week old smooth haired mini dachshund to stop flaky dry skin and generally ensure his wellbeing is optimised. I currently feed him Royal Canin Mini Junior Kibbles but read something about adding enzymes...
  2. J

    Anal gland issues - diet advise UK

    Hi I am new to the forum. My Doxie baby is Ruby, 6 month old Black and Tan bitch. She is so well behaved and as fully toilet trained. The last month or so Ruby has been off her food. As soon as her teeth started coming out she would not eat her normal wet pedigree puppy food any more and we...
  3. B

    Dietary advice needed

    Hi, I'm a new member so please forgive if I'm posting a frequently asked question. I work as a fosterer for a small (general) rescue organisation. My current charge is a Dachshund bitch who is significantly overweight and I am looking for some advice on dietary tactics and targets. So...