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Hi I am new to the forum. My Doxie baby is Ruby, 6 month old Black and Tan bitch. She is so well behaved and as fully toilet trained. The last month or so Ruby has been off her food. As soon as her teeth started coming out she would not eat her normal wet pedigree puppy food any more and we switched to dry. She was fine with the for a week or so and then started leaving it after a couple of picks at it. We changed to pedigree puppy dry food, same results has a peck and leaves it. We've tried taking the food away after half an hour expecting her to demolish the next meal. Not to be. Only ever wants a tiny tiny portion. She's happy, playful and energetic but I am starting to worry. She's never had any 'human' food apart from a few pieces of carrot. I'm starting to think her tummy is really upset as she constantly eats grass and her poops are nearly always soft, which REALLY affects her anal glands. Can anyone recommend a UK food that might help? Or does anyone feed a raw diet? Iv tried to research this but not really found much specific to dachshunds. I'll try anything for her, any advice really appreciated


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I think 'anal gland issues' is not the issue. You haven't said that you've taken her to a vet to be checked over, had a stool sample checked, tried some meds. Please start there.

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Is pedigree the same crappy,cheap,colored food it is in Latvia?If so,I wouldn't recommend it to any living being .No wonder he has an upset tummy.
Try Acana,I'm sure you can find it. I feed my dogs with,starting with age of 2,5 weeks(I'm a breeder).I use Acana puppy&junior for puppies,but two of my puppies at the new home ate Acana puppy small breed and did fine on it too.Adult dogs eat Acana adult dog or Acana chicken and burbank potato. Tired the totally grain-free formulas,but one of mine didn't do well on it
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I know this sounds crazy but our wire hair had the same issue when she was a puppy. Our vet suggested reducing her food portions from the quantity recommended on the package. We cut her food from1/3 cup 2x a day to 1/4 cup 2x a day. She began eating it all and has continued to do so for five years.