1. V

    Hello new here

    I've got a 6 yr old girl named Sadie with ivdd... Afte crate rest she's walking again but has potty training issues
  2. jzami69

    Advice for older adopted puppy

    Siggy is 10 months old and has had unlimited outside access via a doggy door. I have a fenced in yard and have been letting him outside often, but it's been hit or miss whether he goes in the house or outside. I have him on an hourly schedule, then plan to move it to two, then three. Or do I...
  3. C

    New dachshund owner looking for advice!

    Hi there! I am a new dachshund owner and new to this fourm. My dogs name is Raylan and he is a 10 week old male mini dachshund. I owned previous dogs but not a dachshund. I am having a very hard time crate training Raylan. I introduced it very positively to him, toys, treats, playing in the...
  4. D

    New Puppies and Many Questions

    We are new puppy owners and really want to get things right so we have a wonderful, loving and great relationship with our baby. I have a few questions: 1. We are crate/kennel training Dooley. In order to do this is it ok that he is out with us some in the mornings/evenings while we watch...