1. A

    Brownwood Farm Dachshunds? And other GA breeders.

    Hello, I am new around here obviously, and have been doing some research on breeders near me and came across this breeder (Brownwood Farm) on the DCA website. After looking at their page, they seem like a breeder I might be interested in talking to. But I was wondering if anyone around here has...
  2. M


    We are looking for a mini-doxie breeder in NC. I found a few, but one has two terrible reviews on yelp. So, looking for references to any of the mini-doxie breeders in NC. Thank you, Heather
  3. H

    Would A Reputable Breeder Even Sell To Me?

    Hello, First, let me say that this is my first time posting to this forum, so I apologize if this question has been asked before! For a while, I've been doing research on dachshunds (particularly miniature). The breed seems like a great match for my lifestyle and living situation, and I feel...
  4. sonicoem

    Breeder Recommendations for Chicago Area

    I'm looking for recommendations for reputable breeders in the Chicagoland area. Does anyone have any experience with breeders around here? I'm willing to drive up to 7 hours one way. Thank you!
  5. spoole

    Recommendations for breeders in Vancouver or British Columbia

    Hi there. I don't currently own a dachshund, but I am hoping to adopt one from either a breeder or from a shelter (I would really love to get a puppy tho). I am in love with the smooth red hairs. Regarding size, my ideal would be a "tweenie" whether that just be the runt of a standard litter...