Recommendations for breeders in Vancouver or British Columbia


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Hi there. I don't currently own a dachshund, but I am hoping to adopt one from either a breeder or from a shelter (I would really love to get a puppy tho).

I am in love with the smooth red hairs. Regarding size, my ideal would be a "tweenie" whether that just be the runt of a standard litter or the biggest pup of miniature litter.

I would ideally like to get my dog from a local breeder here in BC. Though Alberta would be fine. I'm not familiar with purchasing dogs across the border, but I assume it might be a more complicated process.

I've looked at the breeders listed on this site:
Dachshund Breeders - Canada's Guide to Dogs - Dachshunds

However, I would really like to hear people's honest opinions/experiences with any of these breeders.

I look forward to your responses.
Thank you. :)
I'm not sure if you are still looking for a dachshund but I have a 15lbs smooth red dapple dog who is due to have puppies around the beginning of June. I live in Concrete, Wa which is about 3 hours from Vancouver, BC. You can email me at [email protected] if interested.
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