1. Rosak88


    Hi all I'm new to here but my 3 1/2 year old mini dachshund Sydney has recently had two seizures about 4 months apart! To begin with she jumps down of the sofa and stumbles both times I've let her out thinking she needed the toilet but this last time she fell over in the grass got back up and...
  2. C


    My now 5 year old mini neutered male dachshund has had 3 seizures in front of me. His first was January 2013 the day my grandmother passed away. The second was July 2014 before I was leaving for work. I took him to the vet within the hour and they ran bloodwork and couldn't find anything. Third...
  3. G

    Does this qualify as a cluster seizure?

    My girl, Dizzy, is a mix tho her dad was a pure breed. She will be 3 in January and as of yesterday at around noon she suddenly had a seizure. To my knowledge this was the first one she's had tho I do recall months ago she had an odd, spontaneous urination while sleeping which seemed to even...