1. C


    Hi all! I bought my first ever Dachshund this weekend. So I'm a first time owner hoping to get invaluable advice from the pros!
  2. H

    Would A Reputable Breeder Even Sell To Me?

    Hello, First, let me say that this is my first time posting to this forum, so I apologize if this question has been asked before! For a while, I've been doing research on dachshunds (particularly miniature). The breed seems like a great match for my lifestyle and living situation, and I feel...
  3. Tama_dappledoxie

    New member and dachshund owner :)

    Hi all :) , I just joined because I am soon to be the owner of a mini silver dapple dachshund named zivah ,I live in Vancouver BC , and my pup will be shipping from Ontario in 2 weeks time more or less ,:) any dachshund puppy advice would be great :), anything prior to this has been resolved ,I...