1. P

    Hi, I am new member

    Hello to all.
  2. J


    Hello everyone! I am new on the forum. Welcome me..
  3. F

    New member in the UK

    Hello everyone. I'm a new member and wondered if people have experienced the same problem as me. I have a beautiful 4 month old smooth haired mini daxy girl. Our problem is rain!! She hates it and will not toilet outside in the rain. She's getting better with wees but poo in the rain she is not...
  4. Tama_dappledoxie

    New member and dachshund owner :)

    Hi all :) , I just joined because I am soon to be the owner of a mini silver dapple dachshund named zivah ,I live in Vancouver BC , and my pup will be shipping from Ontario in 2 weeks time more or less ,:) any dachshund puppy advice would be great :), anything prior to this has been resolved ,I...